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Our coffeehouse is run by some of the best people who are like your friends and family. Come in and talk with us while we make you a special drink.

Meet the Jongo Family!

We believe the best part of Jongo Java is the connection that takes place inside. One connection we know you will love is the one with our team of amazing baristas and bakers.


Terrye Jacobs


I'm the most social person to hit the planet. I love to sail, & ride horses. Plus it's my passion to create beauty.

Recommended Drink: Cafe' Con Leche


Rebecca Berger


Cooking & baking pastries is my favorite way to spend time. I would love to teach baking as well.

Fave Drink: Sandy's Magic


Sadie Bowen


I am an artist & social activist. Helping educate about depression & self-care are very important to me.

Fave Drink: Chai Latte w/vanilla


Ethan Morrow


I play guitar, piano, & drums on my own or with the band at church. I am learning to play the violin as well.

Fave Drink: Ameri-Cola

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